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International Crypto Commerce & Shop Mining 

We believe in Crypto Currencies and on our sites brand owners can accept two crypto currenies as payment. For details on settlement, please visit our Seller Info (Shop Mining) page

What is crypto commerce?

Crypto commerce is the involvement of using crypto as a means of goods exchange. In traditional commerce, the use and ownership of the crypto involve a lot of middlemen. The more varieties they are, the more middlemen and complications involved. Using crypto to obtain goods/services or vice versa becomes risky and difficult. Crypto commerce is aimed to resolve and improve the experience through retail technologies and advanced business processes.

Worldwide Shipping Combined with Crypto Commerce   

We are here to Challenge the status quo

Asia has long been a powerhouse in the global supplychain, supplying a wide range of goods to markets in Australia, North America, and Europe. However, there is a growing movement to challenge the Monetary status, and promote the use of crypto currencies instead of fiat currencies when trading goods. The benefits of this approach are numerous, including the reduction of reliance on fiat currencies and the empowerment of people to make their own monetary choices. In addition, crypto currencies are often less subject to government regulation and control, providing a greater degree of freedom for users. As the world increasingly embraces digital technologies, it is time for us to lead the way in promoting the use of crypto currencies as a viable alternative.

How is the live price calculated?

Our system is linked to the crypto market, Prices are updated every five minutes, As you can see on the above screenshot, Each and every products crypto prices updates and are valid for five minutes

What is shop mining?

What is Shop Mining? Essentially, it is a business that promotes the use of crypto as a means of exchange. Traditionally, there are only two ways to obtain cryptocurrencies: mining or buying them on an exchange platform. However, Shop Mining offers a third option: selling goods and services in exchange for crypto. On our multi-vendor platform, merchants can sell their goods for crypto and directly transfer their inventory into an investment. This allows people to obtain cryptocurrency without having to mine it themselves or buy it from an exchange. This allows businesses to directly transfer their inventory into an investment, without having to go through a middleman. As a result, we believe this will be an increasingly popular way to obtain cryptocurrency.


Congocongo Crypto Commerce Community

Congocongo crypto commerce community is a group of well-defined crypto users which exchange good within strict digital models to maintain the health of the crypto community. Congocongo embraces O2O (online to offline), OMO (offline merge online) with innovative retail technologies. Offline goods are available to obtain from the stage of the art e-commerce platform by offline buyers globally. Most of the goods and services are from reputable offline retailers and owners looking for Congocongo to provide professional help with stage-of-the-art technical, sales, marketing, logistics, and even creative ideas to lower the cost of customer acquisition. Whereas, offline buyers can select, verify, track and obtain goods and services by automation platform without the complicated process. As the transaction is complete, it is an offline process that fulfils the local logistic requirements and management.

Is Congocongo a crypto exchange?

No, Congocongo is not a crypto exchange or financial companies of any kind. There is solid technical scope to maintain the e-commerce transaction. Goods’ owners cannot exchange crypto by goods directly online with Congocongo without available offline buyers nor buyers cannot exchange the crypto without buying existing offline retail goods and services. Crypto owners also cannot exchange other crypto or fiat of any kind. Congocongo does not provide any financial or crypto advice.

Does Congocongo have a blockchain or crypto?

No, Congocongo does not issue blockchain or crypto. Congocongo facilitates and supports the online-offline applications and uses cases of blockchain and crypto. We leave the best of blockchain to where it belongs, the crypto itself which should be well-study with verifiable transaction history, white paper, block ledger, reputable users, and successful launch. There are many types of blockchain usage and we only select some that we can trust to complete the transaction, only a handful of crypto are accepted. Congocongo embraces some fundamental models of blockchain and crypto such as Disintermediation and P2P, aiming to make an O2O retail transaction as smooth, low-overhead, happy, and direct as possible.

I don’t use crypto, can I still enjoy the benefit of Congocongo?

Absolutely yes! Congocongo built on solid online e-commerce and retail technologies, with easy to use web platform, reflective mobile access and shopping apps and wide varieties of buyers’ choice of products, typical online shoppers will certainly find all the promotions and products enjoyable. Resellers can open an eshop in just 10 minutes and upload new products with just 3 minutes. Tons of new features are on the way too!